Forms & Instructions:  Recycling Program - City of Rolla

Rolla's recycling program began on July 11, 1994 on a voluntary basis. Recyclables are to be placed at the curb on the same day as your trash. A separate truck will pick up the recyclables.

Plastic recycling bins (20 gallons) will be provided by the City. One bin is provided free of charge to each participating household. Additional bins can be purchased at a cost. If your blue bin is full, you can put additional recyclables in some other suitable container (cardboard box, plastic tub, etc.) It helps to improve collection efficiency and material separation if all paper products are kept separate from all containers (i.e. cans, bottles, jugs). Residents with questions can call the Solid Waste Office at 364-6693.

The Rolla Recycling Center is located at the corner of McCutcheon and Old St. James Road - 2141 Old St. James Road. If you prefer, you may drop your recyclables at the center.

Acceptable Material and How It Should Be Prepared

Recyclable MaterialPreparation
GlassClear, green, or brown (lids removed and washed out)
CardboardCorrugated cardboard boxes
NewspaperNewspapers need to be dry. The flyers and ads that come in the newspaper can stay in the newspaper.
Plastic#1 soda, #2 milk, and #3 colored detergent bottles (wash out and lids off). You may find the number by checking on the bottom of the container.
Tin CansWashed out, and taking lids off and flattening is optional.
Aluminum Soda CansWashed out. RRC will also take scrape aluminum.
Mixed PaperAll types of paper - magazines, junk mail, catalogs, phone books, paperboard cartons, and cereal boxes, etc.


Where Do The Products Go From Rolla?

Recyclable MaterialDestination
GlassShipped to a company by the name of Strategic Materials in St. Louis where it is remanufactured into glass products such as fiberglass, and glass beads for consumer use.
CardboardShipped to various paper mills in the U.S. to be used in the production of construction materials, primarily paper liner for gypsum board.
Newspaper and Mixed PaperSold to different mills in the Midwest to be used in the production of cellulose insulation, cat littler, tissue paper, etc.
Plastic JugsSold to various brokers who then sell to specialty markets to produce items such as plastic limber, strapping, etc.
Plastic Soda BottlesSold to manufacturers that use them in the productions of fiber materials such as carpet and clothing.
Steel CansSold to scrap dealers that will sell them to foundries. Once the steel is melted, it can be used to produce any steel product form paper clips to auto parts.