Missouri S&T Hazardous Material Shipping Requirements:

1) No package containing a hazardous material shall be shipped or offered for shipment from or by the Missouri University of Science & Technology without expressed approval by the Department of Environmental Health & Safety.

2) The Department of Transportation regulates the transport of hazardous materials in commerce. Hazardous materials are "in commerce" when they are offered to commercial carriers for shipment.  The regulations require anyone who participates in the transportation of hazardous material be trained, tested, and certified in their duties. This is accomplished at Missouri S&T by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) overseeing individual shipments as they are prepared.

The following link is a list of hazardous material that must be shipped through EHS:

49 CFR Part 172, Hazardous Materials Table

Some other Potentially Hazardous Materials in Transport:

Some materials are restricted for transport by any mode of transportation; some are restricted only when shipped by a certain mode, such as air.  The following are materials which may be restricted for transport.

    - Substances that cause disease in humans or animals
    - Human or animal specimens sent for diagnostic or investigational purposes
    - Dry ice, liquid nitrogen
    - Genetically modified organisms or microorganisms
    - Tissue fixative solutions
    - Gas cylinders
    - Flammable, corrosive, toxic, or oxidizing materials
    - Chemicals being returned to manufacturer

Transportation on Campus

Missouri S&T can, in certain circumstances, transport hazardous materials between campus locations without adhering to the full regulatory requirements that are otherwise in effect when transporting in commerce.  Please contact EHS with transportation questions.

Printable Hazardous Shipping / Transportation