Missouri S&T Explosives Inventory Protocol

Table of Contents

Purpose and Applicability


Roles and Responsibilities

Explosives Inventory Protocol

Purpose and Applicability

The Explosives Inventory Protocol was established to document the detailed procedures used for the management of new explosives products, and routine handling and storage procedures for explosives. This protocol applies to activities conducted within the Mining Engineering Department and Rock Mechanics Explosives Research Center.


EXPLO Group -Faculty, staff and students within the Missouri S&T School of Mines & Metallurgy that are trained and authorized to access magazines and handle explosive products. The EXPLO Group is lead by Dr. Paul Worsey, and includes the Missouri S&T Experimental Mine Supervisor.

Roles and Responsibilities

EXPLO Group Responsibilities
Environmental Health & Safety Responsibilities

EXPLO Group Responsibilities

  1. The EXPLO Group is responsible for managing explosives stored in the magazines located at the Missouri S&T Experimental Mine.

  2. The EXPLO Group is responsible for ensuring that appropriately trained personnel are present during access of the storage magazines and that the magazines are locked upon departure.

  3. The EXPLO group is responsible for ensuring the Explosives Inventory Protocol is followed.

  4. The EXPLO Group is responsible for recording and maintaining explosives inventory data, and providing this data to EHS.

  5. The EXPLO Group is responsible for ensuring that Missouri S&T policies and procedures are followed for the handling of explosives, and that all applicable local, state, and federal regulations are met.


Environmental Health and Safety Responsibilities

  1. EHS is responsible for supplying the EXPLO Group with the appropriate barcodes and inventory supplies.

  2. EHS is responsible for reporting explosives information on Missouri S&T's annual Emergency Planning Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA) report.

Receiving New Explosive Products
Check In / Check Out of Explosives

Receiving New Explosive Products

  1.   Verify shipment documents accurately reflect explosive materials in shipment.

  2. Allocate appropriate magazine storage location for each container based on DOT code (i.e. separate caps/initiators, high explosives and blasting agents).

  3. Affix appropriate Missouri S&T barcodes to ALL explosive products upon shipment arrival (Barcodes are magazine specific).

  4. Record all pertinent data regarding explosives (i.e. barcode #, type of explosive, class, manufacturer, amounts, manufacture dates, your initials, etc.) on appropriate inventory form.

  5. Properly store all containers in designated magazines and insure that magazines are locked before leaving.

  6. Promptly submit data to Missouri S&T Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

Check In / Check Out of Explosives

  1. Record the following data on appropriate transaction sheets when removing or returning explosives to magazines:

         a)   Bar Code Number
         b)   In / Out
    c)   Description of Item  
         d)   Date
    e)   Project Name
         f)   Amount (indicate units)
         g)   Signature

  2. Empty containers should be noted on transaction sheet, promptly removed from the magazine, and discarded in an appropriate manner.

  3. Ensure that all containers are returned to their designated magazine and that magazines are locked before leaving.

  4. Promptly submit data to Missouri S&T Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

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