Waste Minimization Program

Objective: to reduce the amount of chemical waste generated and disposed of by Missouri S&T.



compensating for increasing landfill disposal costs and costly alternative treatment technologies; savings in raw materials

compensating for increasing land disposal restrictions and bans, and for increasing permitting requirements for waste handling and treatment

to reduce potential liability for environmental problems onsite and offsite, reduction of potential liability for employee and student safety

Public image and environmental concern:
improved public image in community, concern for improving the environment


Green Chemistry

Pollution Prevention Form/Survey

Waste Stream Identification and Minimization Options

Waste Generation Cost Allocation Report

Chemical Waste Disposal Costs

Chemical Waste Types and Examples

Inventory Control Guidelines

Waste Segregation Guidelines

Material Substitutions

Solvent Waste Reduction

Laboratory Waste Reduction

Micro-scale Chemistry

Integrated Laboratory Treatment

Photographic Processing Waste Minimization

Reducing or Eliminating the Use of Heavy Metals

Hazardous Battery Waste

Prevent Unknown Substances