Instructions for Pick-Up Requests

  1. This form may be used for various and multiple pick-ups from the same location.
  2. Request for pick-up of Biological materials must be made through the EHS office.
  3. Make a separate entry for each difference in state, class and container description. Example: 200g of solid potassium dichromate and 1000mL of 1M potassium dichromate solution for pick-up; make two separate entries.
  4. If applicable, a detailed description (components and their approximate concentrations) for all mixtures and solutions listed on the form must be made on a separate sheet(s) of paper and included with the request form.
  5. Good estimates of quantities within the waste containers must be reported. Do not report the container capacity as the quantity of material for pick-up unless the container is full.
  6. When filling out this form, use accepted abbreviations and symbols or those detailed below. Use the space provided at the bottom of the form ('Explanation or comments') for explanation of additional abbreviations and symbols used. Definitions for all abbreviations and symbols must be included.
  7. Complete forms must be sent to: Environmental Health and Safety, Campus Support Facility, Room 108 or faxed to 573-341-6077. You may also obtain the form by clicking here: HazWaste pick-up form
  8. Pick-ups will be scheduled as soon as possible after correctly completed forms have been received and processed.
  9. For help completing this form contact EHS:

Environmental Health & Safety, 108 Campus Support Facility, 573-341-4305


State-Prefixes  Abbrev       Container Material   Abbrev       Container Type   Abbrev 
Pure (single component) P   Cardboard CB   Aerosol aero
Mixture Mix   Foil F   Ampule amp
Solution Sol   Glass G   Bag bag
      Metal M   Bottle bot
State-Suffixes Abbrev   Paper Pa   Box or Crate bx/cr
Gas G   Plastic Pl   Bucket buc
Liquid w/ dissolved gas(es)* LG   Wood W   Can (<= 5 gal) can
Liquid L         Carboy crby
Liquid w/ solid(s) LS   Measure Abbrev   Carton crtn
Solid S   gallon(s) gal   Case case
      gram(s) gm   Cubitainer cbtr
Class Abbrev   kilogram(s) kg   Cylinder cyl
Used Chemical or Residue UCR   liter(s) L   Drum (> 5 gal) drum
Contaminated Solid Refuse CSR   micrograms mg   Flask flask
Old or Outdated Chemical OOC   milliliters mL   Jar jar
      pounds lbs   Jerrican jrcn
*gases other than those found in air:         Jug jug
   O2, N2, CO2, the noble gases         Lecture Bottle Lb
            Syringe syr
            Tank tank
            Tube tube
            Vial vial