General Medical Emergency Guidelines

Campus Emergency Telephone Numbers

University Police

Rolla Police

Rolla Fire Department

Rolla Ambulance


Accidents and incidents involving students, university personnel* and the general public:

In the event an injured party is discovered on University premises by University personnel, all reasonable care should be provided to the injured party.  This assistance would include but not be limited to:

  • the rendering of first aid only by persons qualified to do so.
  • requesting of emergency medical aid on behalf of the injured party.

Transportation should NEVER be performed by anyone other than trained medical personnel unless an ambulance is unable to respond to a life-threatening situation.

Medical attention for injured persons:

Any injured individuals should be urged to seek medical attention:

  • Students - report to Student Health Services
  • Members of the general public - report to the physician of their choice

A "Student and General Public" injury form (UM-200) should be completed (See BPM-707 of the Business Policy Manual).  The form may be obtained from the Environmental Health and Safety office or from this website:


This form is to be forwarded immediately to the office of Environmental Health and Safety.

*Please refer to UM Business Policy Manual, BPM-704, regarding Worker Compensation reporting and refer to the following website for approved medical facilities: