Emergency Postings and Signage

EHS is working to improve worker protection, emergency response capabilities, and enhance security for Missouri S&T facilities by providing the following notification and warning signs for departmental use. Emergency Preparedness is also a key part of Missouri S&T's environment management system (EMS). ISO 14001 requires specific information to be included in all posted procedures. These signs and posters are designed to meet the specific requirements of ISO 14001 and Missouri S&T's EMS. Please contact EHS if you need assistance.

Emergency Preparedness Procedure

Campus Emergency Response Plans

This posting is required in all areas where hazardous materials are stored, or handled. Please print the document and post it in a readily visible location within the room or lab. Either click on the following link and print the document or right click on the link and select "save as" to download the PDF file to your computer for printing.

Campus Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Information Door Signs

Door signs containing emergency contact information should be posted on all locations where hazardous materials are stored or used. The template was designed to assist Missouri S&T departments in creating and updating their emergency information postings. The sign should be printed and posted at each entry point to the room or lab. Please click on the link and follow the instructions to create a new, or update an existing emergency posting.

General Campus Building - Emergency Information Template

Schrenk Hall - Emergency Information Template

Missouri S&T Emergency Procedures (poster)

This poster is installed in common areas of all campus buildings and provides general procedures for the Missouri S&T campus. It is not required in any other locations. If departments choose to print the poster for use in their areas they shall be responsible for updating the poster whenever revisions are issued.

Missouri S&T Emergency Procedures